Lunula Laser targets nail fungus – WKRC June 2018

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There’s something new to keep your toes healthy this summer sandal season. It’s a new laser to help your toenails look a whole lot better.

This “flip flop season”, Melinda Wigginton has a new “weapon” to keep her toes in tip top shape.

“It is a new laser that has been FDA cleared to target toenail fungus,” said Dr. Ruth Ann Cooper, a Podiatrist.

“My toenails were discolored but they started cracking and breaking,” said Wigginton.

So, Wigginton made the decision to work with Dr. Cooper. She’s a podiatrist who’s one of the first in the country to offer patients the Lunula Laser.

“It is painless, it is easy, and it’s effective,” said Dr. Cooper.

The laser stimulates blood flow and oxygen to promote new, clear nail growth.

The laser is using photochemistry to target the fungus. Photochemistry is the science of light and color.

Each treatment takes about 12 minutes, and you do need more than one treatment with the laser for the best results.

The good news is that after the procedure is completed, you can come back and use it as sort of preventative maintenance along with products to promote healthy toenails.

The laser is about $300 per session and it’s not covered by medical insurance plans.

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